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Ooh la la I’m an American citizen

Jun 23, 2017 Familia America Citizenship

Happiness is not a state of mind but rather a journey. It’s not a lucky penny that you pick from the floor but rather a series of events that lead you to that luck. It’s throughout this journey that some people may end up in a foreign land where in spite of all the differences they can still find happiness. If you are one of those people who came to the United States with hopes and dreams, becoming a citizen is just part of making those dreams a reality. Contact a Salt Lake City Citizen attorney that will help you make the citizenship process easier.

Voting rights

When you become an American citizen, you are given the right to vote. Although all Citizens can vote in the national elections, a particular state may deny you the right to vote if you have criminal records. The right to vote is an amazing privilege that helps you decide the fate of the United States.

A U.S. passport

Now you can become a globetrotter and travel to as many places as you wish with your U.S. passport. You can go in and out of the country freely without requiring a visa and you will not lose your citizenship status. Just don’t get too comfortable with the whole experience. Not everyone loves the U.S. There are some countries out there that will give you a hard time as an American citizen.

Bring your loved ones here

That’s right. Now, that you have enjoyed the land of the free, it’s time to reunite the family. American citizens can petition a green card for their loved ones, especially immediate family. The family-based immigrant visas are unlimited therefore your relatives won’t have to wait a long time before joining you.

Avoid Deportation

United States citizens have more chances of avoiding deportation. However, an American citizen can still be deported if he or she has criminal records.

You can receive money for education

This is a great opportunity available to American citizens. Many schools and universities in the United States have gained a good reputation throughout the world. As a citizen, you will be able to receive scholarships and grants not available otherwise as many of these scholarships require the student to become a US citizen.

Other benefits

The government also offers several benefits to citizens. You will receive all Social Security benefits as well as welfare and food stamps during those financially unstable times. There are also opportunities for federal government jobs, which are some of the best jobs available out there. You can also run for public office if you like. You will be able to influence the destiny of a great nation and change any laws or policies you consider unfair.

Sounds like a dream

It definitely sounds like one, which can be yours if you only consult a Salt Lake City Citizen attorney to carry you through the whole process. Life gets busy and you may not have as much time on your hands to prepare for the big day. Allow an attorney help you wave the flag with pride. Call Familia America today and schedule your initial appointment to ask about what to do next.

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