A New Rule May Threaten Your Green Card
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A New Rule May Threaten Your Green Card

Aug 18, 2018 Familia America Green Card

Immigrating to the United States throughout history has always been about a courageous journey for a new and better life for you and your family. The first step in applying for U.S. citizenship is obtaining a green card. This process can take a long amount of time, however , once you get the card you are set. You’ll have rights to live, work, enter, and exit in the United States for the rest of your life. You’ve finally made it to the United States and have gained residency. However, the requirements for a green card may change. As you know, the Trump administration aims to make several changes in immigration law. It’s essential for you to know that the new rule may threaten your green card or ability to get one. Knowing this information is crucial and it could mean the deportation of you and/or your family.

Proposed Rule Change

The Trump administration has proposed a rule change regarding immigrants getting their green card. The rule change is currently under review by the Office of Management and Budget. It would severely impact those immigrants considering coming to America as well as those who are already in America. The rule wants to expand the definition of “public charge”. “Public charge” is when an individual is likely to rely on the government for assistance. The Trump administration aims to make getting a green card an even more difficult process. The proposed rule change states that if you or any of your dependents use any noncash public benefits, then you may be denied your residency status. Noncash public benefits include things such as food stamps and Medicaid. This rule change would apply even if your dependent is an American citizen that is a child.

The Impact

If this rule change gets passed, it can have a tremendous impact. It could realistically affect almost half of the noncitizen population. In 2014-2016, nearly 18 million noncitizens and naturalized citizens utilized public benefit programs. The Trump administration sees those who utilize public benefit programs as a loss to the nation. However, this often isn’t the case.  Public benefits are usually temporary until someone gets back on their feet. Many people will be denied their residency under the new policy simply because they need assistance while they are in between jobs or they are working a low wage job the requires them to get public assistance in order to get by. This could ultimately pressure immigrants to go on without public assistance help in order to protect their status. It threatens the livelihood of immigrants.

Immigration is a very complex issue. Once you get your green card you may that you are all set and ready to go. However, the process of getting a green card can be very long and tough. You don’t have to go through this whole thing alone. You need someone with experience. Someone who is an expert in immigration law and keeps up with the current changes in it. Familia America has been dealing with cases like yours for over 40 years with the combined experience of immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas and senior paralegal Abby L. Van Sice. Contact them today at 801-656-9605 or simply fill out this contact form.

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