New Policy Means ICE Are More Likely to Detain Pregnant Women
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New Policy Means ICE Are More Likely to Detain Pregnant Women

Mar 29, 2018 Familia America Green Card

The changes to immigration policies which have been introduced since the beginning of the Trump administration have repeatedly made the headlines for being harsh. The latest amendment is unlikely to change that opinion as, since the most recent changes were introduced on Thursday, March 29, pregnant women are more likely to be detained after appearing in immigration court. Until this new policy was introduced, pregnant women would not be detained, unless there were mandatory detention requirements or extraordinary circumstances relating to a specific case. However, since Thursday, pregnant women will be treated the same as any other immigrant in ICE custody, although there will be some exceptions made for those in the final trimester.

There are currently 35 pregnant women held in ICE custody, with this number expected to increase significantly now that the new policy is in force.

Avoid Immigration Issues with a Salt Lake City Green Card Attorney

When you are seeking permanent residency in the United States, you may feel that a green card is the best route to take. A Salt Lake City green card attorney can advise you on the applicable aspects of U.S immigration law, and whether a green card is, in fact, the most suitable method of obtaining residency. Not only can your attorney provide the benefit of years of experience and extensive legal knowledge, they are also well-equipped to handle your case with the compassion you deserve. We understand how traumatic it may be to face deportation, and being removed from the life you know, and pledge to do our utmost to secure residency on your behalf.

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  • Family-Based Green Card: If you have one of the following relationships, you may be eligible for a family-based green card.
    1. U.S Citizen spouse, adult child, parent or sibling?
    2. Spouse or parent holding a green card
  • Your employer may be able to petition for your green card, particularly when you work in a field with few qualified US citizens and/or hold an advanced degree
  • If you’re engaged to a US citizen, you may qualify for a fiancé visa
  • Refugees or asylum seekers living in the U.S. may be eligible to apply for refugee or asylum status
  • Victims of certain crimes could apply for a U-Visa if they assisted law enforcement officials at the time. The qualifying crimes include:
    1. Kidnapping
    2. Attempted murder
    3. Aggravated assault
    4. Domestic violence
    5. Rape or sexual assault
    6. Blackmail
    7. Prostitution
    8. Involuntary servitude

There are other grounds on which you can qualify for a green card, so to discuss your specific circumstances with a Salt Lake City green card attorney, call us today on 801-656-9605.

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