Do You Need A Lawyer To File Immigration Forms With USCIS?
Familia America attorneys are well-versed in immigration law. Learn the benefits of using a lawyer to file immigration forms on your behalf.
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Do You Need A Lawyer To File Immigration Forms With USCIS? (What Are The Benefits?)

Apr 12, 2018 Familia America Family Immigration, Immigration

If you are prepared to file immigration forms with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, it may seem as if an attorney can help you get your case approved.

While it is not required by Utah immigration law that every applicant be represented by a Salt Lake City family immigration attorney when filling out forms, it is highly advised to seek legal advice of a lawyer in order to achieve your goals in a timely manner.

Our attorneys from the Familia America Immigration law firm are about to explain how lawyers can strengthen the chances for a streamlined approval of your immigration-related USCIS case.

Why attorneys are actually important

The importance of being legally represented when filing immigration forms with the USCIS may not seem obvious to everyone. And it makes sense why, considering that many applicants think, “I doubt that I need any help, as I am capable of filling out forms with biographical information on my own. Plus, I get to save all those money I would have spent on attorney fees.”

But regardless of what forms you are filing with the USCIS – be it Employment Eligibility Verification, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, or any other – there is much more to fill out than just your biographical information.

How an immigration lawyer can help you

Our Salt Lake City family immigration lawyer outlines what things an experienced law firm like Familia America Immigration can do to maximize the chances of being successful in your legalization efforts. An immigration attorney:

  1. Knows what forms to fill out in order to help you achieve your goals and streamline approval
  2. Knows what Utah immigration laws, instructions, and regulations may be outdated, and what are the new laws, instructions, and regulations
  3. Can reduce the risk of a USCIS rejection of your permit or packet by reviewing your case and advising you if anything is missing or has to be redacted in order to comply with the USCIS current forms
  4. Can reduce the risk of undue delay in your case’s approval by contact the appropriate people at the appropriate agency
  5. Can ensure the completeness of the immigration forms
  6. Can answer your questions about anything that has to do with legalization, family immigration, and green card, among other things
  7. Can help you file the required combination of immigration forms in order to achieve your particular goal

What a Salt Lake City immigration attorney CANNOT do

However, hiring an immigration lawyer does not necessarily mean success in 100% cases, as attorneys do not work at the USCIS and cannot guarantee that your case will be approved, not rejected.

Immigration attorneys do not get a priority before Department of Homeland Security or the USCIS, and cannot guarantee that:

  • Your packet or case will be accepted
  • The information you have filled out in the immigration forms is correct
  • New requirements and regulations will not come out before you file your immigration forms with the USCIS

In other words, an immigration attorney is no magician. A lawyer cannot pull out a rabbit from the hat or approve your USCIS petition or case with a flick of the finger. Instead, our attorneys here at the Familia America Immigration law firm can help you handle your case, present your case to the USCIS in the most efficient way possible to increase chances of approval, and minimize delay.

Most importantly, our lawyers are here to eliminate the confusion of the immigration process by answering your questions during a consultation. Call our Salt Lake City offices at 801-656-9605 or fill out this contact form for a free case evaluation. Se habla Espanol.

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