Malaysian-Taiwanese Student Gets Accepted Into 8 Ivy League Schools
Immigration attorney can help ensure she can finish school after working so hard to reach her goals and begin changing the outlook on Asian Americans.
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Malaysian-Taiwanese Immigrant Student gets Accepted into 8 Ivy League Schools

Aug 17, 2017 Familia America Immigration

College is the next step in an educational career of many teenagers and getting into a good school is the first hurdle. Now, can you imagine getting accepted to not one but all 8 Ivy League schools? That is exactly the case with 17-year old Cassandra Hsiao. She has chosen to attend Yale pursuing an Arts degree with an emphasis on theater. She wants to focus on writing for the theater. She is a high school senior and is editor-in-chief of the school newspaper which has gained her some notoriety. She uses her words to change the way immigrants especially Asian immigrants are viewed in society.

Starting Young

At a young age, Cassandra’s parents enrolled her in various art and music classes. She continued to be interested in the arts as she grew through writing and journalism. Cassandra quickly felt out of place in her new country because of the way she looked and the way she spoke. She didn’t feel like she fit in with other American born Malaysians and some have recently come out to say that since she left at such a young age she cannot possibly identify with the culture. During her high school career, she became editor-in-chief of the school magazine and an active member of the Los Angeles Times High School Insider as an entertainment journalist.

The Essay

Her admissions essay tells the story of coming to a new country at five years old and having to learn a new language and culture. The language was a major barrier and she had to not only learn English for herself but also teach her parents how to speak it. She struggled to balance the two because sometimes the way she spoke at home would transfer into the way she spoke to teachers and friends. This caused her to be made fun of and made it harder to adapt. Her essay also depicts how hard it was for her mother growing up and having to learn a new language in a country where even the teachers publicly humiliated her instead of helping her. The two began helping each other mend their broken English so neither would be made fun of when out in public.This created a bond and motivation for Cassandra. She began to use her words to fight against bullies and discrimination. The essay ends poetically with an expression of a crooked house being home. Her essay was impactful not only to school admissions but also to society and those who read it.

Immigration Law Attorney

The story of Cassandra Hsiao is amazing and on that, not many can relate to. She is a Dreamer which is a child who came here at a very young age from another country. Cassandra grew up in this country and with new immigration laws, she could have some legal troubles if she has not obtained any documentation for residency or citizenship.

Salt Lake City Immigration attorney can help ensure she can finish school after working so hard to reach her goals and begin changing the outlook on Asian Americans.

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