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Immigration Law Challenges

Feb 2, 2019 Familia America Immigration

The United States of America used to be this country that was embracing of those who were different. It was a country who desired and encouraged people to make their way to her ports of entry and begin a journey to start a whole new life. So much of our infrastructure was created by people who migrated to the United States. So much of our innovative energy come from people who found their way to the United States. Look at our Olympic team. In 2008 when our Olympics team headed to Beijing for the Olympics, at least 33 of those on the team were not born in the United States. From Chinese-born tennis players, Russian born gymnasts and track and fielders, the melting pot of our nation can be seen on our Olympic team. When our Olympic team wins we don’t make a fuss about where our players are from. So why is it such a hassle for the everyday person?

Immigration Law is Complicated

Unfortunately, attitudes toward immigration have grown more and more cynical. No one cares where you are from when you make the nation good, but you first have to get here and prove that you are good enough to represent this country. But how do you get here? How do you prove that you are worthy to be here? Even if you do all you can to follow all the rules, there are inevitable gaps in steps and you run the risk of being here undocumented.

For example, young Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage was arrested by ICE for overstaying his visa. There are many sides to his story. One, ICE has released a statement that the rapper arrived here legally but then overstayed his visa. They also said he was arrested on a felony drug charge. 21 Savage’s attorneys state that he was in the process of waiting for a U-visa because he dealt with life-threatening gang violence in his home country of the UK. They also state that the drug arrest was the product of a targeted sting operation. 21 Savage has contributed so much to the economy and has turned into quite the role model for young people, especially those in Atlanta, Georgia.

Immigration laws are complicated. His visa was going to expire while waiting for the U-visa to be approved. Why would he return to a country where there is violence waiting for him? Yet he wasn’t supposed to stay because his visa would have ended. There are so many complicated decisions that those in the immigration process often feel as if they are trapped in a spider web of immigration laws.

How We Can Help?

Our Immigration Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake city understand your predicament and are ready to help you navigate the sticky spider web of immigration law. With 26 years of experience, Familia America Immigration has the experience and resources to make sure your process is in the right direction. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to start a positive conversation about your immigration status with us today.

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