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Immigration Courts Can Be Hard To Navigate

May 25, 2019 Familia America Deportation Removal Defense

We know that any issues surrounding immigration can be difficult to understand right now. For those in rural or mountainous regions of the country who are wading through the immigration court system, the process can be even more difficult.

At Familia America Immigration, we want you to know you have an advocate. When you need Salt Lake City deportation lawyer, please call us today so we can get to work. We understand that your case is important and our knowledgeable and experienced team will get to work immediately.

What We Know

Right now, there is a backlog of more than 850,000 cases in the US immigration court system. In some cases, people can end up waiting years to have their cases heard. That can be very difficult on individuals and families for a number of reasons:

  • The emotional and psychological toll of not knowing what will happen can be tremendous. It is hard to establish roots in a community if there is a chance of deportation in the future.
  • It can cost a good deal of money to continue to pay legal fees and an attorney for a long period of time.

For immigrants living in rural areas of the country, like areas in and around Utah, the difficulties are amplified.

An article from Utah Public Radio highlights the case of Javier Dominguez. He lives in a small town called Dillon in rural Colorado. His situation is one that many people around here may be familiar with. Getting to the immigration court, sometimes dozens of times before a case is heard can be costly and time-consuming. However, he knows he has to go.

Dominguez came to the US as a teenager illegally in the 1990s. All but one of his children were born in the US. After he lost a child, he became depressed and started drinking. Eventually, he was arrested for DUI, which put him in the crosshairs of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He was suddenly on track for deportation because of one mistake.

“I’m not running away from the law. The law is the law and you have to respect that.”

After his last court appearance was canceled due to inclement weather, he found out that his next appearance is not until 2021.

The immigration system in this country, and especially for those in our area, is tough to navigate. This is even truer without an attorney who understands the system.

What We Will Do To Help

It is heartbreaking to watch families get torn about because of how difficult the immigration system is to navigate. In so many cases, proper representation could have helped stop the deportation. That is why we want to help. At Familia America Immigration, you can count on having a knowledgeable and experienced team by your side. We will work hard to defend you throughout the entire process so you can get back to living your life with your family.

When you need a Salt Lake City deportation attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 801-656-9605 for a free consultation.

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