Immigration and Its Benefits to the American Society
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Immigration and Its Benefits to the American Society

Mar 17, 2017 Familia America Immigration

A lot of people in America view immigrants as a burden to society, when in actuality, immigrants strengthen the economy. There are benefits to having a diverse society that go beyond just culture Without immigrants, our country could not thrive like it is and has been for hundreds of years. From general labor to advances in science and medicine, immigration reform can have a positive impact when searching for the best and the brightest minds to be a part of this great country.

Here are a few ways immigrants contribute to society.

First off, immigrants make us more efficient as an economy by giving us a surplus of laborers, both in high-skill and low-skill areas, creating more jobs for native-born Americans. An immigration attorney will tell you that the number of people seeking to come to America have no problem working hard, and often doing jobs most Americans would not consider doing. The number of immigration cases in Salt Lake City has risen over the past few years because of the opportunity immigrants are seeking to make a better life for themselves.

As of late, immigrants count for about 16 percent of the labor force, but represent 50 percent of the labor force without a completed high school education. They also represent 25 percent of all doctorates, with 35 percent of those doctorates being in math, science, engineering and computer science. But since they have less high school diplomas and bachelor’s degrees, they don’t pose a threat to native-born American workers.

Immigration attorneys in Salt Lake City see families at their most vulnerable. They often represent immigrants who have risked it all to make the move to America, no matter the cost.

Another benefit to having immigrants become part of our society – start-up companies or businesses. Immigrants create start-up businesses in America at a faster rate than native-born Americans. Some of our most popular companies were all started by non-native born Americans. These companies provide jobs for many people.

Immigration attorneys in Salt Lake City see the advantage to allowing immigrants into the country when it comes to national security. If immigrants are allowed in through legal channels, allowed to have jobs, bank accounts and social security cards, it is easier to track the legal members of society as opposed to having people living under the radar and working illegally.

If you or someone you know needs an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City, call Familia America. They have been dealing with immigration cases for years, and know what it takes to help family recognize its dream of living a better life in this country. It is not easy leaving your home country to come to another land with no promise of the future, but Familia America can help guide you through the process of legally becoming an asset to the United States instead of a perceived burden. Don’t hesitate to call. You are in good, capable and compassionate hands.

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