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Highly skilled workers are welcomed here

Aug 4, 2017 Familia America Green Card, Permanent Employment Visa

Highly skilled immigration has become very popular in recent years. People with talent have historically boosted our economy and contributed to mankind in so many ways. Statistics clearly show that immigrants have more advanced degrees in mathematics, technology, and computer science than Americans with similar backgrounds. In other words, we need immigrants as much as they need us. Contact a Salt Lake City permanent employment visa attorney if you are contemplating the idea of working in the USA indefinitely.

Statistics tell the story

Skilled immigrants are in for tech careers. About 46% of immigrants with a bachelor’s degree have a career in the engineering and science fields while Americans have only 33% of these degrees. The percentage seems to increase significantly every year.

Strict immigration laws

The law restricts many of these talented workers from entering the United States and working here. There are about 140,000 green cards being awarded every year but it can be time-consuming without a Salt Lake City permanent employment visa attorney. The costly process will reach a dead end without the adequate legal advice and all the time and efforts invested on it can be useless. Also, only half of the total amount of visas awarded will actually cover these talented workers, the remaining visas are for their families.

More options

The employment-related green card is not the only option to come and work in the USA. There is also the H-1B visa. This is a temporary visa where American employers can hire foreign workers to work in the USA for a specific period of time. About 99% of visas awarded in this category are actually given to professionals with advanced degrees. About 60% of these visas go to workers with computer science backgrounds. Researchers are also taking advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Although the H-1B visa only lasts three years, you can renew it for 3 more years. If you are lucky enough to find an employer willing to sponsor you, you may be able to get a green card during your time here. Sometimes the green card process can take longer than six years. In that case, the worker will stay in the United States and work until he or she becomes a permanent resident.


The United States has reaped large economic benefits from H-1B visas. Skilled immigrants bring their fresh genius and innovative skills with them and this is something we are in desperate need of. Almost 25% of international patent applications from our nation has at least one foreign inventor in them. This percentage is from 2006 so the numbers have significantly increased since then. Patents by immigrants have similar or greater quality than natives. Overall, about H-1B visas have increased 10% over the past years. Time can only tell of the positive impact these talented immigrants can have on our economy.

Today is a good day

There are many opportunities for all international workers with extraordinary abilities. If you have a relative or a friend interested in this opportunity, contact a Salt Lake City permanent employment visa attorney to learn about your case and explain the legal options available.

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