Green Card Victories and Challenges
If you are just starting your Green Card process or if you were denied, contact our green card attorney who knows the process and can help you at every step.
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Green Card Victories and Challenges

Dec 29, 2018 Familia America Green Card

There is no easy process leaving one home country for another. Despite being there because of work or a new found love, choosing to live in the United States is a huge decision. Unfortunately, it is a decision met with great restraint from the United States. It’s not that our country does not value immigrants, it’s just we are overly concerned about what kind of people we allow into this country; to a fault.

The Green Card process can be complicated, timely, and expensive. Even for those with clean records and great intentions, the Green Card process can take years to complete. Part of the process requires you to live in the country, but you are not allowed to work. This means that wherever you are living, the burden of your living expenses is on your sponsor which can range from family member to future spouse. The victories of a getting a Green Card is that you finally get to work and live in the United States. You get to represent yourself as documented. The thought of reaching green card status should cast a wave of normalcy so deep that it carries you through all the insecurity and time spent patiently waiting for something you don’t know will ever come to you.

To ensure a victory is on your horizon, hiring a Green Card Attorney can increase your chances greatly. The reason for this is because Green Card Attorneys can spot trouble before they reach the final stages. Our Green Card Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City has over 26 years of experience with all types of visa processes. We have seen all kinds of stories and have witnessed all the victories and challenges. Trust us, the challenges happen to everyone. You are not alone if you have been denied a Green Card or have stumbled upon rough patches while filling out paperwork or providing documentation.

Some of the common challenges in Green Card procedures have a lot to do with finding the proper documentation and the use of persuasive writing if you are having to defend any past criminal activity or anything that may look bad on an application. Most applications don’t go through because they are incomplete. For example, if you forget to provide documentation from past marriages or jobs then you may be denied. Fraudulent behavior is also a serious situation and sometimes omitting information or failing to include information may be unintentional. However, because this process is taking very seriously, you shouldn’t ever leave it up to chance.

If you are just starting your Green Card process, midway through, or if you were denied then please reach out by calling 801-656-9605 or click here to speak with our Green Card Attorneys. We know the process and can help you any step of the way. Our business is to help people achieve their dream of living in the United States. Let us help you reach residency.

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