Green Card Status and Divorce. Will I be deported?
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Green Card Status and Divorce. Will I be deported?

Jun 2, 2018 Familia America Green Card

Divorce changes life as you know it, whether it’s the smallest details or the biggest issues. The major worry for someone residing in the United States on the basis that they have a green card due to their marriage is if after divorce that green card can be removed from you.

Will my divorce mean that I will be deported?

Just because you are getting divorced, does not change your entitlement to qualifying for US citizenship. However, it is very likely that at the time of your application your marriage will be put under the microscope by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. This will be done in order to confirm that your marriage was not a sham and you did indeed marry your ex-partner for the right and genuine reasons.

The amount that your marriage is looked into is completely dependant on the entire circumstances that surround your divorce and you may be required to submit different types of evidence t support your claims, as well as to prove that your marriage is in fact genuine.

How to prove your marriage?

The best way to prove that your marriage is genuine is to provide various forms of documentation that show evidence of living a joint life with your ex-partner this could be:

  • Bank statements to joint accounts
  • Copies of leases or mortgage papers
  • Paperwork about any children that occurred as a result of the marriage
  • Statement from a registered, qualified marriage counselor to prove your marriage was genuine. This is very important as the UCIS claim that couples in a sham marriage will not seek to better their marriage before divorce because they have no incentive to.

How to remove conditions of residence after divorce?

While the UCIS must do their job and confirm that all marriages are genuine, they do understand that sometimes things just do not work out in between two adults. There are a variety of criteria that allow for the conditions of your status in the United States may be removed two of the most important ones are:

  • A marriage was done due to good faith and good intentions. It was done in order to create a life and family together but for unforeseen reasons, the marriage ended in divorce.
  • During the marriage, you and any children were treated in an unacceptable manner by the spouse that is a US citizen. This could be being kept deliberately in financial hardship, emotional abuse or physical abuse.

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If you are facing divorce from your US citizen spouse and are worried about deportation and our residency status our Green Card lawyer from Salt Lake City are here to help. With expertise on green card law and understanding, Green Card Lawyers in Salt Lake will ensure you get the outcome you deserve while. Let us help you through the worry and take your stress on our shoulders. Contact a green card lawyer in Salt Lake City today on 801-656-9605.

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