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How Do You Get A Green Card?

Dec 15, 2018 Familia America Green Card

When your dream is to come to America, but you have no family, there are ways in which you can get into the country and stay: a job-based green card. If you want to come to America and you already have a family then you can apply for a family-based green card. Either way, a green card gives you access to almost everything in the United States except for the right to vote. With a green card you can do all of the following activities:

  • Live permanently in the United States as long as you do not commit any actions that would give cause to remove you such as eliciting illegal behavior.
  • Work in the United States doing anything within your qualifications and choosing
  • You are protected by all laws in the United States as well as your state and local residence

Once you acquire a Green Card you must adhere to the certain principles in order to maintain your green card status:

  • Obey all United States laws including your state and local laws
  • Required to file income tax and report any and all income to IRS and state taxing authority
  • Respect and practice the democratic way of living and show no desire to change or undermine such practices.
  • Require to signup for selective service if you are a male between the ages of 18-25

If moving to the United States is your dream then let our Green Card Attorneys at Familia America in Salt Lake City help you reach your goals and dreams. We understand the exhaustive process it is to obtain your green card. For example, job-based green cards were given to 140,000 professionals of which 900,000 were welcomed into the United States. Some professionals wait more than 5 years to get their green cards. There is no real reason for this other than paperwork congestion it seems. Even though you are safe to stay in the United States while your green card is pending, it hurts you professionally because you cannot change jobs nor can you move up in your career because the green card limbo process prevents you from being able to move.

Some professionals spend up to $15,000 just to learn that the paper is still pending. This process can be very frustrating, but at end of the rainbow is that green card pot of gold. Our Green Card Attorneys are very aware of the clouded nature of immigration law. Most immigration attorneys will tell you the nightmarish details of filing and refilling due to constant changes in United States legislation. In fact, if you click here, you will see that Familia America Immigration keeps up to date on what immigration laws and regulations are doing in this political climate. Whichever path you take to get a green card the truth of it is is that it will be hard and there will be ups and downs. Call 801-656-9605 us or click here to let us help you through this arduous process.

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