Family Immigration Makes Communities Stronger
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Family Immigration Makes Communities Stronger

Feb 1, 2019 Familia America Family Immigration

It is hard to explain to people who have never lived in a new place to explain all the complex emotions that come with leaving one’s home and starting a new life. It completely disrupts your world but in a good way. When people leave their home countries to try it out in the United States, they are excited and ready to engage. We already know that economies thrive on immigration. When you have new people entering communities you increase the labor force, human capital, and entrepreneurship according to Forbes. By increasing the labor force, communities can begin to grow. There are more workers to help build the infrastructure. There are more workers to sustain businesses and in turn, they start to spend money; therefore, stimulating the economy.

The concept of entrepreneurship is very reflective of the kind of society Americans want. Our economic concept of capitalism leaves great room for those who try to get rich through their own business ventures. It creates competition which encourages people to think creatively. Stimulating innovative ideas is also what immigration does best and that translates into human capital. There is no monetary value on people’s intelligence, but it can be guaranteed that for ever 100 international students who graduate with a Ph.D., we gain at least 62 future patent applications. This breeds innovation and motivates technology and other skills that are needed to grow into the future. So, even though we may not see the results immediately, immigration is a much-needed addition to our communities.

Salt Lake City has been awarded the prestigious certification by Welcoming America as a Welcoming County. Utah as a whole has so many accolades. Our state is not only the happiest, but we have a low unemployment rate, high volunteer rate, and strong belief in keeping families together. It is no wonder that Salt Lake City believes in immigration because we know that including and welcoming newcomers will only benefit the community. When you are new to a country and met with opposition, you start to feel like an outcast. That does not encourage a newcomer to try and assimilate. Instead, it creates feelings of resentment and despair. Nothing good can stem from feeling such as those.

Our Family Immigration Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City is here to listen to your story and help you out. As divisive as immigration policy can be to Americans, Salt Lake City has proven to rise above the fray. So let our Family Immigration Attorneys help you rise above the fray too. We believe in standing next to you the whole time. Too often those who are foreign are duped into trusting legal counsel that doesn’t really care about them or their journey. At Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City, we believe that a journey should start together and end together, just like your family. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to start a conversation today on how we can ensure that your future in America is just as happy as Utah.

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