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Facing your deportation fears

Aug 11, 2017 Familia America Deportation Removal Defense

Deportation is a difficult process, especially for people who have lived in the United States for for a long time and built their lives here. This is the place where your started a family, met amazing friends, and became an American just like anybody else. It’s the place where you and your children have created great memories and where you hope to spend the rest of your life. Why allow anybody steal this dream from your chest? As cold as some new immigration policies may feel, there are many other immigration laws implemented over the years, which are meant to protect you and your loved ones from deportation. Call a Salt Lake City deportation lawyer to defend you against deportation.

The deportation process

First the alien is issued a NTA or Notice to Appear with the immigrant’s personal information and the reasons for deportation. The alien attends the scheduled hearing and he or she may choose to either proceed with the case or secure some time to hire a Salt Lake City deportation lawyer. Whether the alien has an attorney or not, he or she will be asked to confirm the information stated in the NTA. If the information is correct, the alien is still given an opportunity to apply for a relief from deportation, only if he or she qualifies. However, aliens who are not eligible, will be deported. There are up to 30 days to appeal the final decision.

Defense against deportation

There are various ways to defend against deportation such as:

  • Asylum – This is when the immigrant feels it’s not safe going back to his or her home country
  • Cancellation of removal – This generally applies to immigrants who have committed a crime. Although it’s difficult to meet all the requirements, it may be possible with a good Salt Lake immigration attorney
  • U-visas – This is for immigrants victims of crimes and who have cooperated with bringing the criminal to justice. As long as the immigrant cooperates and reports the crime to the police, he or she may have a chance to request this visa
  • Adjustment of status – If you are married to a United States citizen you can apply under this category and request a green card. Ask your attorney about eligibility requirements
  • Prosecutorial discretion – This is when the US Immigration Customs Enforcement requests the judge to close your case. It’s a rare form of relief but possible if you have an attorney with you
  • Motions to suppress – Sometimes the ICE targets some immigrants in a way that violates their constitutional rights. You can ask your attorney if there is a possibility to win and terminate your removal proceedings under this category
  • Voluntary departure – This is when you decide to leave voluntarily. It’s much better than being deported. You can request such only if you can purchase your airline tickets and provide a set day for your departure

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