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Even if the DACA program ceases to exist after the midterm election, there may be other ways to live, study, and work in the United States legally. Find out how.
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Why ‘DREAMers’ Are Holding Their Breath Until Midterm Election On Nov. 6

Oct 6, 2018 Familia America DACA Immigration

The November 6 Midterm election is just around the corner, and DREAMers wait for it like no one else. Why? Because the upcoming midterm elections could actually reshape U.S. immigration law and help DACA recipients escape the limbo they are currently trapped in.

When President Donald Trump announced an end to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration policy introduced by former President Barack Obama, DREAMers hoped Congress would put up a fight and rescue the program. But it did not happen.

Luckily for about 800,000 recipients of the program who are in the United States, courts all across the nation stepped in and revived the program, extending its life as much as they could. However, this is only a temporary solution, and the end of the program nears.

“But the upcoming midterm elections could be a chance to save the DACA program once and for all,” says our Salt Lake City DACA attorney at Familia America. If Democrats win control of the House and Senate in the upcoming election, there is a chance to save DACA.

November’s midterm election could offer a permanent solution and help DREAMers escape the limbo, but it all hinges on turnout of Latino and Hispanic voters. Unfortunately, if past elections are any indication, Latino and Hispanic voters are usually reluctant to come to the polls.

But this time, it could be different, considering how many people can be affected by the Trump administration’s plan to destroy DACA and many other immigration policies and programs.

For now, turnout projections do not bode well for the DACA program. According to a recent Politico analysis, Latinos were less likely to vote in the upcoming midterm election than both white and black voters.

Besides, Trump still has a solid base of supporters who view DACA negatively and support the Trump administration’s policies to curb illegal immigration. The DACA program is still a major opportunity for those who entered or were brought to the U.S.

You can still be eligible for the benefits offered by the program, but only if you work with an experienced DACA attorney in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah. It is much more than just filling out the appropriate forms. Applying for DACA benefits can be quite tricky, and you need to protect yourself from potential consequences.

Before the midterm elections, there is no telling what could happen to the DACA program or all of its recipients. But in no way does it mean that you should ignore the program altogether. In fact, you could be missing out on a unique opportunity. Do not let the government take it away from you.

Even if the DACA program ceases to exist after the midterm election, there may be other ways to live, study, and work in the United States legally. Consult with our Salt Lake City DACA attorney from Familia America to find out more. Call at 801-656-9605 to get a consultation today.

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