Are deportation tactics too heavy handed?
If this is an issue you are facing, seek the aid of a Salt Lake City deportation lawyer to help ease you through the process. Contact our offices on 801-656-9605.
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Are deportation tactics too heavy handed?

Jun 1, 2018 Familia America Deportation Removal Defense

We all know our rights in the United States and put our faith and trust in the authoritative bodies within the United States to uphold those rights. Their job is to uphold those rights and keep us feeling secure and peaceful. But what happens when their not?

Scare and wrongful tactics used when trying to deport

It has become all too often while searching for residents without the correct paperwork for authorities to use force that is unrequired and unfair. This heavy-handed approach has been even more prominent since the Trump administration has come into power. Under the Obama administration people without the correct paperwork but with the legal documents to reside in the United States were generally left to live their day to day lives without any governmental interference.

With 66 percent of adult illegal immigrants living in the United States without paperwork for over a decade disrupting them not only tears apart families but changes a way of life they have become accustomed to. While there are still 11.6 million undocumented residents within the United States is it really fair to treat them in a violent manner with such a ruthless approach?

Authorities are known to break down doors, searching without warrants and even seizing savings. Currently, the arrest of non-criminal residents without paperwork has tripled from 4,900 to 13,600.

Fear of authority

The way the authorities such as ICE are conducting themselves, they are bringing an already septic non-caucasian population into further animosity. With movements like black lives matter, there is already a consensus that the police and other such authorities are biased against these ethnic minorities and the brutal methods used only help further these thoughts.

A lot of adults without paperwork live in constant fear of these authorities as it is, due to the fear of deportation, but with the way the authorities have chosen to conduct themselves the distrust only builds in the loved ones and others surrounding these people, causing even more animosity and legal problems.

Who is affected by the changes in law by Trump:

A big part of President Trump’s campaign was based on a promise to cut down immigration and bring a crackdown on illegal immigration. ever since he has come into power his promises have been carried forward and you could be affected if:

  • You have dreamer status. A dreamer is granted a stay in the United States without fear of deportation and two-year work permit. Trump attempted to roll back on this but was intercepted by a judge. We are now waiting to hear from a Supreme court on this decision.
  • If you are legally immigrating family over to the United States. The administration has dubbed this chain migration, and while they need a legislation to be passed for something solid to happen, there are increasingly more visas being rejected and making rules more stringent.
  • If you have temporary protected status. While lots of refugees flee to the United States unless Congress passes legislation to allow them to stay in the country, it is likely that unless they find other means to stay they may face deportation.

Contact a deportation defense lawyer in Salt Lake City:

Deportation is the worst fear of any resident of the United States without paperwork. If this is an issue you are facing, seek the aid of a Salt Lake City deportation lawyer to help ease you through the process. Contact our offices on 801-656-9605.

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