Deportation Defense When You Did Nothing Wrong
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Deportation Defense When You Did Nothing Wrong

Dec 28, 2018 Familia America Deportation Removal Defense

It is no surprise if you have been paying attention to the political climate today, that immigration has not been favorable. Immigration has always been a topic for politicians to prove whether they are going to strengthen America or not. It is very unfortunate because considering people as illegal or legal is dehumanizing. Not to mention it completely undervalues what immigrants do for our country.

For example, granting more immigrants residency in our country increase diversity in population which in turn increases entrepreneurial opportunities. Immigration helps to create stronger local communities which reduces crime even though some others will tell you otherwise. Also, because immigrants are more likely to move around, they help to stimulate the economy in many areas.

This current administration has exacerbated myths about immigration such as people coming into our country to rape and kill our citizens. These excessive lies prompt citizens, predominantly white Americans, to be extra careful around people of color or those who are not blatantly American. Because the administration was voted for by the people, the administration must deliver their promises of limiting immigration. Hence, when you have undocumented people following the rules and checking in with ICE, they are more likely to be deported first. This is unfair because these are the kinds of citizens we want in our country. The ones who aren’t putting our communities in danger.

This is the story of a father who fled Guatemala for the states in 1997 seeking asylum from death threats he was receiving to him and his family. Unfortunately, his asylum application was denied and because he did not have an attorney to represent him, and he didn’t speak or understand English, he did not know that he could appeal the situation. He decided to stay in the country undocumented. Eventually, his wife and eldest daughter came to the United States soon after. Since 1997 he has played be all the rules of an undocumented immigrant. He frequently checks in with ICE and tells the appropriate people when he changes his address. He had another daughter who is considered a citizen, but she is the only citizen in the family. He has stimulated the economy by owning a few businesses and hiring others. Throughout all the years of checking in, the father was most concerned with checking in this time. Sure enough, he was detained despite not having any criminal record or any other blemish on his record.

A Deportation Defense Attorney should be your number one priority. Our Deportation Removal Defense Attorneys at Familia America Immigration believe in aggressive representation because you deserve to be here as much as anyone else. If you or someone you love is facing deportation then call 801-656-9605 or click here. We have resources and options for you that the layperson may not know or understand. Our Deportation Removal Defense Attorneys are on your side and are ready to work for you. Don’t distress all alone. We are your support system and look forward to your success story.

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