DACA Recipients Deserve To Be Here
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DACA Recipients Deserve To Be Here

Jun 28, 2018 Familia America Immigration

Many people are focused on the immigration debate that is rolling across the country, often in heated forums and discussions. One group of immigrants is commonly misunderstood by the general public – DACA recipients, or Dreamers.

At Familia America, we understand the difficulties faced by DACA recipients. If you are a Dreamer, we know that your status is being questioned and this can be a confusing time. If you are a DACA recipient, you may need an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City.

Some Background

Under the 2012 rules for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), those in the program had to have arrived in the United States before the age of 16. In other words, all of those who qualified were minors.

The program allowed for those brought here as children to come out of hiding. No more fear of deportation from a country they didn’t voluntarily come to a country they’ve never known. People who had lived their whole lives in fear could breathe a sigh of relief. They could get drivers licenses, jobs, and go to college. They could Dream.

Since 2001, a bipartisan effort to secure permanent residency for minors brought to the country illegally had been stalled. The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) has been reintroduced in Congress many times since 2001, and all efforts to pass it have failed. Congress failed time and time again to secure a solution.

Almost 800 thousand people are protected under DACA. Real people who thought they finally had a chance to make a life without fear of deportation.

Then President Donald Trump rescinded DACA, while telling Congress to find a solution.

Real People

The Dreamers have grown up as Americans, many of them speaking only English. Most have no connections to the countries they were brought from.

Where do they go?

Do they get sent back to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc?

The CATO institute says that the majority of DACA recipients are students, and 17 percent of them are pursuing advanced degrees. Imagine how much they will be contributing to our economy when they finish.

No matter what your feelings are on illegal immigration, protecting children is an issue that most Americans can agree on. No, many of them are not children anymore, but they were when they came here. They are just as American as our children and sending them to an unknown place would be cruel.

DACA recipients are people who are citizens in every way except on paper. The Dreamers represent what is best about the spirit of this country. They found themselves in a tough situation and are working to make their lives better. They contribute, and they care.

To call for their deportation, as many are doing, is heartless. It’s cold. The DACA recipients came here from situations most in this country can’t possibly imagine. From poverty and abuse. From gangs and government oppression.

What To Do

Luckily, there is bipartisan support in Congress to get a deal passed, though it is being tied to other immigration issues. Until there is a permanent solution, DACA recipients may need an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City. At Familia America, we understand immigration law and will help you every step of the way. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 801-656-9605.

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