Common US Immigration Challenges Startup Companies Face
the US visa and immigration aspects can be complex if you don’t have a Salt Lake City business visa attorney by your side.
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Common US immigration challenges startup companies face

Nov 3, 2017 Familia America Immigration

Many startup companies venture into the land of the free to grow their business. While there are many opportunities available for business owners, particularly those working in the tech field, the US visa and immigration aspects can be complex, if you don’t have a Salt Lake City business visa attorney by your side. Foreign business owners need the appropriate visa to get in the country. Whether you are staying in the United States for the long-term or short-term, the process can be lengthy and complicated if you don’t hire an attorney equipped to handle these important legal matters.

There are several visa categories available to business owners and other professionals who wish to come to the United States to expand their business. However, in order for the application process to be successful, visa applicants under these categories must meet some important requirements. Some of the most common challenges these businesses may face include:

  • Business structure and ownership – Some visas may require that the company is structured a certain way. Fifty percent or more of the company must be owned by nationals of a country that maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States. There are also other requirements you will need to meet, which a Salt Lake City business visa attorney can explain in more details. It is important that business owners and executives, particularly those applying for visa categories E and L, understand the process so they avoid unnecessary costs when restructuring their business
  • Your office space – A United States employer seeking to sponsor an international employee for a work visa, will have to show that they have a business in the US. The office space must be secured before applying for the visa application is submitted. Some businesses don’t require physical premises. Some specific requirements related to the size of the premises may also apply. The business owner may have to submit photos of the property to ensure the physical premises meet the requirements
  • Detailed business plan – Visa categories E and L require a business plan that supports their United States expansion. Business plans must also meet some specific requirements, depending on the visa category you pick and the type of business you are seeking to expand
  • Job descriptions – Managers and executive applying for a United States workers visa must include details about their jobs. There are only some positions that may qualify under this category. Immigration authorities don’t care much about the title but rather the job descriptions
  • Required groundwork – Some visa categories require that business owners complete some groundwork before applying for the work visa. However, in some cases, a foreign national may be granted a work visa in order to complete the required groundwork

You need an experienced Salt Lake City immigration attorney like Gloria Cardenas who has the skills and resources to win your case. Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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