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Common challenges immigrants face

Jul 14, 2017 Familia America Employment Visa

Arriving to the land of the free and the home of the brave is not always as freeing as some would hope. There are responsibilities to attend and obstacles in the way. After all, it’s a new country and culture you are not familiar with. It takes the time to adapt and become an American. But when this happens, you still have roots that pull you. It’s emotionally breaking leaving behind the land where you took your first steps. It will always be part of you, even after embracing your new journey.

When people immigrate to the United States you can see a spark in their faces. They are excited about new beginnings but often ignore challenges they will face along the way. Contact a Salt Lake City visa application attorney to help you apply for your visa.

Language barrier

It’s often difficult for immigrants to adapt to a new culture while also trying to learn the new language. It’s a lot of changes coming all at once. This is particularly true for immigrant parents with kids or large families. It takes the time to learn a new language while also working and taking care of other responsibilities.

Raising kids

Raising kids takes time. An unfamiliar culture makes the task even harder. Kids will be Americanized in the blink of an eye but parents need time to catch up. Immigrant parents have a hard time bonding with their kids because they don’t understand what their kids are saying. It’s frustrating because you are not able to help your kids with school assignments because you are unable to speak English.

Finding a job

Many immigrants are willing to work anywhere just to support their families. But sometimes these jobs come with a price tag. Employers know immigrants are desperate to find a job so they offer them the less desirable or risky positions. Also, certifications outside the US are not accepted and employers will rather hire someone that has worked before in the United States.

Home sweet home

Nothing feels better than calling a place home. It feels right and comforting having somewhere to go after long hours at work. Whether a tiny rental or a spacious flat, a home is made the people living in it and not of its physical walls. But you need a place to live and this is not an easy task for immigrants with low-paying jobs.


Undocumented immigrants have a hard time accessing services for fear of being deported. They can even be exposed to violence and don’t know how to find help. There are also countless of stories in Utah of misdiagnosis due to language barriers. It’s just hard applying for benefits if you are not an American citizen.

You make your own luck

Things will be easier after you consult a Salt Lake City visa application attorney. Don’t feel like an outsider. We are here to help you apply for your visa and get you to the place you should be. You came here with a dream. Don’t give up on it and call us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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