Can You Have Dual Citizenship in the United States?
If you hold dual citizenship, it's crucial you learn about your obligations & rights in the U.S. Call us today and we will take a closer look at your situation.
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Can you have dual citizenship in the United States?

Jan 4, 2018 Familia America Citizenship

Many immigrants do not understand the concept of dual citizenship and the legal implications behind it. While dual citizenship can be advantageous and provide easy access to multiple benefits in two different countries, you will also have more obligations such as taxes and other residency requirements.

In the past, immigrants were required to renounce their former citizenship as part of the oath to become new American citizens but that is no longer the case. The U.S. government is no longer pursuing United States citizens who keep a residency in another country.

How can you acquire dual citizenship?

You can have dual citizenship in the United States as long as you meet some requirements such as:

  • Being born outside the United States to at least one United States citizen parent or being born in the U.S. to immigrant parents
  • A naturalized United States citizen that keeps his birth country citizenship
  • Recovering your birth country citizenship after being naturalized in the United States
  • Keeping passports current and meeting citizenship requirements and tax obligations in both countries

Dual citizenship in the United States

Although it is not formally recognized in the United States, immigrants are not required to leave their responsibilities in their homeland, even after becoming U.S. citizens. In other words, you can travel with a foreign passport and vote in another country if you wish to. It is okay for another country to claim you as a citizen. However, there are times when you can lose your dual citizenship if:

  • You serve in the armed forces of a country enemy of the United States
  • You renounce your American citizenship in front of a qualified United States official
  • Committing treason or act of conspiracy against the United States and its government

There are countries that will revoke your citizenship once you become a United States citizen or they may require you to renounce your American citizenship. This is why it is important you understand all the laws or rules that apply to your specific situation, especially if you travel often and start a business overseas.
You should ask your Salt Lake City citizenship attorney about the options available. While most countries are okay with you becoming a United States citizen o vice versa, it is good to be informed about current laws that may affect your dual citizenship. As long as you abide by the law and fulfill all the requirements you should be okay to remain a dual citizen in the United States.

Your initial case assessment

If you hold dual citizenship, it is crucial you learn about your obligations and rights in these homelands. Call us today and we will take a closer look at your situation. Your initial consultation with Salt Lake City immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas is highly confidential. She has decades of experience dealing with a variety of complex immigration cases. After analyzing your circumstances, she will give you advice on the best course of action.

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