Becoming a U.S. Citizen is an Opportunity for a New Beginning
if you have been convicted of two or more illegal gambling crimes, U.S. citizenship will not be in your immediate future.
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Becoming an American Citizen is a Great Opportunity for a New Beginning

May 21, 2017 Familia America Immigration

With everything going on in the world today – war, political unrest, lack of food and resources in other countries – there is no wonder hundreds of thousands of people dream about coming to America every year to start a new life. American poverty in some cases is an upgrade from where they originally come. But becoming an American citizen is harder than most people think. There are certain criteria you need to fulfill in order to considered. Not to mention certain geographical areas are scrutinized even more than others when it comes to allowing individuals from those countries into America.

If you are trying to become an American citizen, it is possible, but the process is lengthy, It is that way for a reason. But if you contact a qualified immigration attorney, they will help you through the process and get you on your way to starting a new life in your new home. Familia America has been representing immigration clients in Salt Lake City for years. They are some of Salt Lake City’s and Utah’s best immigration attorneys. They know the ups and downs of becoming a citizen and they want to help you recognize your dream.

As long as you are in good standing legally, you have a great chance of becoming eligible for American citizenship. However, if you have any brushes with the law – especially serious offenses – your chances diminish exponentially. If you have been convicted of murder or felony aggravated battery, you will permanently be denied U.S. citizenship, no matter how much you have turned your life around.

But there are other offenses that will render you only temporarily ineligible for citizenship:

Running a prostitution or call-girl ring, or distributing pornography could interfere with your eligibility for citizenship temporarily. Getting caught with a prostitute could do the same.

If you have been involved in a crime with drugs or spent the last 180 days in jail for a crime, your eligibility status will be temporarily suspended.

If you have been convicted of two or more crimes with a jail sentence totaling five years or more, You will have to wait sometime before being able to be considered for citizenship.

And if most of your income comes from illegal gambling or if you have been convicted of two or more illegal gambling crimes, U.S. citizenship will not be in your immediate future.

The dream of a better life is a dream many people try to make happen in America. It is worth leaving their homeland to travel to a country they know practically nothing about if it means they can forge a better way for themselves and their family. But traversing the system by yourself is difficult. If you need representation in this matter, contact Familia America in Salt Lake City. They have some of the best immigration attorneys who can put you on the right path to living the American dream. Give them a call for a  consultation, today.

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