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More arrests among Utah immigrants

May 31, 2017 Familia America Immigration

Fear among undocumented immigrants keep spreading across our nation as strict immigration laws are enforced.  Some immigrants residing in Utah for over a decade have gone as far as keeping their children home from school, and stopped any other public activities for fear of being seen. They are afraid to answer knocks on their doors, stay away from social media, and cover their windows afraid of being arrested. Several arrests have already occurred in Salt Lake City increasing the uncertainty among illegal immigrants. Contact a Salt Lake City immigration attorney. We’ll protect your legal rights and confidentiality.

Anyone can be deported

Although the ICE likes to target criminals, fugitives, or individuals that pose a threat to the country, good residents have also suffered the harsh consequences. They are treated in the same category as criminal undocumented. Teachers have reported kids missing from school and hard-working immigrant moms stay home with fear of being seeing. Some teachers are trying to find out what to do in order to keep immigrant children in school safe from the ICE actions.

Under Trump’s policies, all undocumented immigrants are targeted across the country. Even immigrants protected by DACA can be taken away without notice and deported. These strict policies will also target immigrants smuggling their children into the country. These immigrants will not longer have privacy protection under Bush’s policy established in 2009. Now, all information collected by DHS on these immigrants is unprotected.

Even undocumented veterans who joined the US military and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are also being deported.  Many of these veterans are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and got addicted to illegal drugs. Some of them have faced felony drug charges.  The government, who is supposed to take care of our veterans, is not arresting and deporting them as well.

What about if a green card holder is arrested?

If you are a United States green card holder and you have been wrongly convicted of a crime, you should get in touch with an immigration attorney right away. Even in cases where the immigrant is found guilty, there are legal approaches to making sure the sentence will not damage your legal status as much. There are more legal opportunities than you realize. Whether you have been convicted of a crime or not, legal representation will always keep you one step ahead of the game.

Challenging new policies in Court

The process to remove an undocumented immigrant general starts with a Notice to Appear but you can seek protection and may be able to qualify for some benefits.  However, this process will require a lot of paperwork you may not be familiar with.

If you are afraid of being deported, contact a  Salt Lake City immigration attorney and learn about your legal options. We’ll keep all your personal information confidential and ensure the best possible outcome on your immigration case. Immigration laws are constantly evolving and it’s important that someone familiar with these laws will handle all details from start to finish.

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