5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Immigration Plans In The U.S.
Our Salt Lake City family immigration attorney at Familia America to outline the five mistakes that could cause your immigration plans to go down the tubes.
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5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Immigration Plans In The U.S. (Avoid Them At All Cost!)

Oct 12, 2018 Familia America Family Immigration

If you are about to file an immigration-related petition or application, there are certain things you should and should not do if you do not want your application or petition to be denied.

Regardless of what your immigration goals are – applying for a new or renewed visa, seeking permanent residency via a green card, or applying to become a U.S. citizens through the naturalization process – there are quite a few things that can hurt your case.

Certain actions and, conversely, failure to act can derail your immigration plans in the United States. Before it is too late, we asked our Salt Lake City family immigration attorney at Familia America to outline the five mistakes that could cause your immigration plans to go down the tubes. Do not throw your future out the window by making these stupid and avoidable mistakes.

Ignoring your financial resources

Filing an immigration-related petition or application without having no (or not enough) money in your pockets is a slippery slope. And it is not only because you will have to pay filing fees. It’s because you will have to prove that you are financially capable and will not be dependent on public benefit programs.

“U.S. immigration law is very strict when it comes to approving and denying immigration petitions and applications,” says our experienced immigration law attorney in Salt Lake City. “One of the most critical factors to determine if you should be allowed to come to the U.S. or live and work here legally is whether or not you will be financially beneficial for the U.S.”

Meaning: you must be capable of contributing to the economy by being employed, or through investment or some other service. Since Donald Trump became president, immigration authorities have become even stricter about denying applications from immigrants who are planning to rely on welfare and other public benefits.

Therefore, be ready to demonstrate proof that you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family if you want to succeed in your immigration endeavors.

Getting in trouble with the law

One of the most common reasons why immigration authorities are reluctant to approve applications from immigrants is that they fear that foreign nationals coming to the country will cause crime.

As you may have guessed by now, having a bad criminal record can play a cruel joke with your immigration plans in the U.S., even if these crimes happened a long time ago. So yeah, it is pivotal that you avoid getting in trouble with the law. And if you do have past crimes, do not get frustrated just yet. There may be a way out. Speak to our Salt Lake City family immigration attorney to find out which crimes are more likely to bar you from obtaining the immigration status you wish.

Engaging in illegal activities and not following rules

Being able to abide by the law is one of the most important requirements imposed for immigrants in the U.S. Thus, if you have engaged in illegal actions and activities in the past, crossed the U.S. border illegally, or overstayed your visa, it will most likely hurt your immigration odds. Some violations are more serious than others, which is why not following the requirements and rules imposed by immigration authorities could be a serious problem.

Providing inaccurate or false information

Regardless of what type of immigration-related application or petition you are planning to file, you probably know by now that immigration involves tons of paperwork. It is paramount that you provide all the information about yourself and your family completely and accurately. Providing false or inaccurate information can and will not only delay your application but also lead to denial.

Not speaking to a Salt Lake City immigration lawyer

Time and time again, it has been proven that working with an experienced immigration lawyer can significantly boost your chances of obtaining the immigration status you desire.

Only a lawyer can pick the best legal strategy for your particular case after reviewing and evaluating your situation. Get a consultation from our experienced lawyers at Familia America. Call our offices at 801-656-9605.

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